Ethical and responsible brand of Japanese hantens embroidered with traditional Portuguese know-how.

Handmade in small quantities and customization.

HANTEN Concept

What is a hanten? It is a short winter coat worn by men and women as part of the traditional Japanese dress code. Its origins can be traced back to the 18th century. What you wear tells a story.

What is your story? Our goal, in our small way, is to stop the cycle of fast fashion. We do this by reusing HANTENs. They are full of nostalgia and inspired by Japan, where in simpler times, people mended clothes instead of buying more.

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vintage kimono

The declination of the love hanten is arrived!


Portuguese Embroidery

We take the time to do things right, the time to find the right pieces and the time to make the embroidery. We chose the inspiration of the portuguese embroidery because they have preserved their universe with nature mixing tradition and innovation.
And this is where the magic happens!

  • Our commitment

    We advocate a responsible and reasoned consumption and we say to ourselves that it is not so serious to wait 3 weeks between the order and the delivery if?

    The main thing is the joy of receiving a quality piece thought and treated with a lot of love.

  • Customization

    Moon Society proposes a customization to your taste embroidery, patterns, colors etc, for all models.

  • Where to find us

    Cabane bambou - Saint tropez

    Ruta market - Ibiza

    Muse collection - Toulon
    Symbols -  Lisbon

    Frimousse le drugstore - Rennes
    Lalla Marrakech - Marrakech